Integrative Medicine for Mental Health (IMMH) invites you to exhibit at our 7th Annual Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference! This four-day international conference will give practitioners a whole body approach to successfully diagnose and treat underlying issues contributing to the manifestations of neurological, social, and behavioral disorders. 

If mental health and wellness is a focus for your organization, this conference is an ideal opportunity for you. Your organization can build a reputation with the IMMH community by sponsoring and/or exhibiting at this respected conference. Our conference schedule allows for ample breaks and provides social opportunities for you to personally connect with attendees and speakers. 

Our exhibit space for this year is SOLD OUT!  We are grateful for the support of all our exhibitors and sponsors and look forward to seeing you soon!  

*IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL EXHIBITORS:  If you are contacted by any group claiming to be the hotel room booking service for the IMMH Conference, this is a scam.  We do not work with any groups to book our hotel rooms.  You will book your rooms in our block via the web link or phone number provided in the Venue section of the conference web site.  Thank you!


Integrative Medicine for Mood and Anxiety Disorders
Depression and Evolutionary Mismatch – The Inflammatory Model
Lyme Disease and Associated Co-infections
Autism – A Roadmap for Testing and Treatment
Benefits of Low Dose Lithium
Integrative Therapies for Addiction
Non-Drug Approaches to ADHD
Children and Environmental Medicine
And Many More!

CLICK HERE for the full Conference Schedule!


2012:  150 Attendees
2013:  200 Attendees
2014:  250 Attendees
2015:  450 Attendees





The IMMH Conference will have a mobile conference app for the first time this year!  The app will allow both attendees and exhibitors access to the conference news feed, schedule, speaker list and bios, surveys, and much more.  It will give exhibitors the valuable ability to track leads with built-in QR code, badge-scanning technology.  It will also give exhibitors the opportunity to  advertise to conference attendees with promoted posts on the app’s news feed, as well as with push notifications that appear on attendees’ smartphones or tablets.

lead generation

This year’s conference app will include lead generation software for all exhibitors.  You will simply download the app on a smartphone or tablet that has a camera, allowing you to scan badges.  Scanning the badges of those who visit your booth will help you gather and save crucial data very quickly.  You will also be able to add personal notes for any contact to assist with your post-conference follow-up.  At the end of the conference, you will receive access to a report of all your scanned contacts. 

exhibitors and sponsors page

All exhibitors will have the opportunity for their company bio to appear on the app’s exhibitor page.  This will include your company logo, name, description, website link, social media link, and contact information.  You will also be able to select what category best fits what your company, so that attendees can easily find you when searching for specific types of services.  In addition, all Silver and Gold level exhibitors will also be featured on the app’s sponsor page for even greater exposure!

news feed

The conference staff will use the news feed to post various announcements.  Attendees and exhibitors will also have the opportunity to post about the conference, including pictures of their experiences and promotion for exhibit booths.  For our attendees and exhibitors who already use social media, our news feed will be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  The news feed is a great place for everyone to get up-to-date information on everything IMMH 2016!